Polishing and deburring machine KEM2–150

  • KEM2 150 Gesamtansicht Bürstenauflage Kanten entgraten
  • KEM2 150 Rückansicht Entgrattiefenverstellung Kanten entgraten
  • KEM2 150 Deteilansicht Bürstenauflage Tellerschleifer Kanten entgraten
  • KEM2 150 Detailansicht Bürstenauflage Kanten entgraten
  • KEM2 150 Bedienelement Entgratmaschine
  • KEM2 150 Entgratmaschine Detailansicht Lagerfach
  • KEM2 150 Entgratmaschine Detailansicht Werkstueckniederhalter Werkstueckanschlag
  • KEM2 150 Entgratmaschine Detailansicht Bürstenauflage Werkstueckniederhalter Schleifteller
  • KEM2 150 Entgratmaschine Deteilansicht Werkstückniederhalter
  • KEM2 150 Entgratmaschine Deteilansicht höhenverstellbarer Werkstückniederhalter

We also do simple deburring

Our KEM is suitable for rounding the edges of flat and formed sheet metal parts.

With two power units and a tool diameter of 150 mm, it delivers clean work results. The machine consists of a support table of sturdy steel construction. As standard, the table is equipped with strip brushes. Alternatively, multidirectional rollers can be used. These protect the workpiece and facilitate feeding the workpieces. The two brush units are moved to the workpiece edge via stable linear guides. Depending on the machine setting, the workpiece edges are slightly rounded to a greater or lesser extent. So with our KEM, you not only remove the primary burr, but can also easily round the edges without burrs.

Video - Edge deburring machine KEM2–150