Brushing machine MP70

  • MP70 Gesamtansicht mit Bürstenwechsler MP73 Bürstmaschine Blech Metall
  • Bürstanlage MP70 Gesamtansicht Bürstmaschine Blech Metall
  • MP70 Gesamtansicht mit nebenstehendem Bedienpult Blech Metall

After sanding comes brushing

The MP70 brushing machine is a robust machine, with a compact design, for processing sheet metal surfaces with a Scotch-Brite roller (sanding fleece roller) in a continuous process.

It can be used to easily process flat workpieces (metal sheets). The working width is between 1000 and 2000 mm, and the workpiece thickness is detected automatically by means of pressure sensors. The variable feed speed and oscillation frequency of the roller brush enables different surface qualities to be achieved. The use of additional roller tables, for example, ensures safe feeding and removal of the workpieces, and also makes the MP70 a popular model in a processing line.

Want to change formats?

With the MP73 brush changer, you can quickly and effortlessly reconfigure the brushing machine for different sheet metal formats. At the same time, the brush changer serves as interim storage for up to two additional Scotch-Brite rollers. Control elements are located where the machine operator needs them, and the MP73 is a simple way to minimise setup times.