Die-cast zinc screening machines

Directly from the mould to the customer

As well as machines for surface finishing in the metal industry, KBM Maschinenbau GmbH also produces special solutions for die-cast zinc processing.

One of these special solutions is our part finishing machine for die-cast zinc articles, which interfaces directly with the die-casting machine. Our machine separates the articles from the sprue, screens out both metal flakes and overflows, and dry deburrs the parts.

With special Z-conveyors at the infeed and discharge from the casting machine, a screener to separate parts from sprues, and a screening drum to remove metal flakes and outer burrs from the zinc part, the combination of an automated casting line and our finishing system achieves a significant reduction in the line cycle time and cuts finishing costs.

An investment in the screening machine can pay for itself in a very short time in three-shift operation, as a wide range of sizes and weights of articles can be processed on this system. Experience has shown that our system can reduce the cycle time from the original 12-15 seconds to as little as 6 seconds, depending on the article shape.

Therefore higher output can be achieved and efficiency increased. Additional advantages of our system include a clean environment (separation of sprues and articles e.g. in separate containers), in-process testing through the ability to monitor defects at any time, as well as simultaneous article deburring. Our zinc die-casting finishing system also has impressively low energy consumption. The screening system’s power consumption is approximately 2.2 kW. This is low compared to the costs of barrel finishing followed by drying. The risk of supplying articles that are not completely dry is eliminated.

If you too would like to benefit from the advantages of such a screening system, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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