Stroke sander (two-belt) M2S92

  • M2S92 Zweiband Gesamtansicht DOU Tisch Flachtisch 3D Vakuum Handling
  • M2S92 Zweiband 3D Handling mit Werkstueck freigestellt
  • Langbandschleifmaschine M2S92 Zweiband DUO Tisch 3D Handling freigestellt
  • M2S92 Zweiband Schleifaggregat Kontaktrolle Bandabdeckung freigestellt
  • M2S92 Zweiband Schleifaggregat Kontaktrolle freigestellt
  • M2S92 Zweiband Vakuum Handling Detailansicht freigestellt
  • M2S92 Zweiband Bedienpult einfache Variante freigestellt

Simple and effective sanding

The basic version of this long-belt sanding machine is supplied with a flat machine table and double crank.

Ideally suited for sheet metal, profiles and casings. Variable belt speed as standard. Sanding belt widths from 100 to 150 mm can be used on the machine. In addition, we offer the machine with a 3-axis table and integrated 3D handling device for turning and rotating the workpieces. This table can be converted into a flat machine table with the simple solution of the DUO table.

Video - Stroke sander
(two-belt) M2S92