Film coating machine FB91

  • FB91 Folienbeschichtung manuell betrieben Arbeitsbreite 500mm
  • Folienbeschichtungsanlage FB91 600mm Arbeitsbreite Langer Einlauftisch und Auslauftisch
  • Folienbeschichtungsanlage FB91 1100mm Arbeitsbreite mit Folie Detailansicht
  • Folienbeschichtungsanlage FB91 600mm Arbeitsbreite Höhenverstellung Detailansicht
  • Folienbeschichtungsanlage FB91 500mm Arbeitsbreite Einbindung in Coilanlagen Gesamtansicht
  • Folienbeschichtungsanlage FB91 500mm Arbeitsbreite Einbindung in Coilanlagen Detailansicht

Surface protection with film

The FB91 is the simplest version of our foil coating machines.

It is particularly suitable where only small and light workpieces need to be provided with a self-adhesive film from time to time. The machine is operated manually and assists the bubble-free application of the film that is to protect the surface. The FB91 can be supplied with or without a base frame and is available in widths of 500 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm. Optionally, subject to consultation with us, a special width can be made at an additional cost if required.

An extension with infeed and outfeed tables in various lengths is also possible. These are supplied with a wood plate (table top) so that shorter workpieces can also be processed. Adjustment of the workpiece thickness is also done manually in this case. Workpiece thicknesses can be set from 0.5 mm to 100 mm. To sum up, the FB91 is a small, compact machine with the most important adjustment capabilities and the option for mobility.