Film coating machine FB97

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Application of self-adhesive protective films to flat, planar workpieces

These operator-controlled machines are available in working widths from 500 mm to 2200 mm.

With this series, the film is cut manually between workpieces using a knife. Optionally, the machines can be supplied with roller tables, drive, and with a lateral workpiece stop. As standard, the machine is equipped with two film unwinding units from above. A third film unwinding unit from above or, for double-sided coating, a lower film carriage, are optionally available. The film carriage can be pulled out on the operator side to change the film. The film rolls are fixed on the stainless steel shafts by means of clamping cones, and can be quickly and easily aligned with the workpiece edge.

As an alternative, we also offer pneumatic expansion shafts. These are quick and easy to operate, and they tension the film roll over its entire length. The film is pulled from the roll via a deflection roller, and the film tension can be adjusted by means of a finely adjustable brake. The workpiece thickness is set manually via the handwheel with passage height indicator. The feed speed is controlled via a frequency converter. The cutting position and the distance between the workpieces can be set separately via rotary potentiometers.

The FB97 combines simplicity and mobility in a coating system for processing medium batch sizes.

It is also possible as an option to supply the FB97 and the roller tables as mobile single components (mounted on swivel/fixed castors).

Video - Foil coating machine FB97