Film coating machine FB99

  • FB99 vollautomatisch Beschichtungsanlage kantengenaue Folientrennung

Even more automation in a processing line

The FB99 is a fully automatic foil coating machine for applying self-adhesive protective film to flat and rectangular workpieces.

This machine too is equipped with two overhead film unwinding stations. Different types of films can be placed on the film unwinding units and processed alternately. The unwinding units are each equipped with an adjustable brake for setting the film tension.

The film roll can be quickly and easily aligned with the workpiece edge. For automatic separation of the workpieces, the machine is equipped with two pairs of rubberised conveyor rollers and one pair of rubberised coating rollers. The upper rollers are adjusted to the desired workpiece thickness via the motorised spindle stroke adjustment mechanism in the upper part of the machine (head adjustment).

The drive speed is automatically controlled by the machine, depending on the operating status. Here too, the positioning of the workpieces and the cutting of the film are controlled by sensors. The film is cut by a single knife unit that is operated via a linear drive. The knife enters the separation gap at the side and cuts the film precisely along the edge.

Due to its compact design, this model of our foil coating machine is ideally suited as a component of a processing line.