Film coating machine FB98

  • FB98-Folienbeschichtung Automat halbautomatisch pneumatischer Folientrennung
  • FB98 Folienbeschichtung Automat halbautomatisch pneumatischer Folientrennung

Automatic film cutting

If you place somewhat higher demands on your foil coating machine, we have the FB98 in our portfolio for you.

In contrast to the FB97, it is fitted with an advanced automatic control system for more precise film cutting and positioning. The FB98 is equipped with an automatic film cutting device. For automatic separation of the workpieces, the machine is equipped with a pair of rubberised conveyor rollers and a pair of rubberised coating rollers.

The lower rollers are driven by speed-controlled motors. The upper rollers are adjusted to the desired workpiece thickness via spindles. On this machine the positioning of the workpieces and the cutting of the film are controlled by sensors.

To achieve accurate positioning of the workpieces in the coating machine, the drive speed is also automatically controlled by the machine, depending on the operating status. The film is cut by a knife that is operated via a linear drive. The knife enters the separation gap from the side and cuts the film in one pass.

As standard, the FB98 is supplied without an infeed and outfeed roller table and without a workpiece stop, but these are available as options. This machine can also be supplied as a mobile version.